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Who is FI Match ?

Founded in 2019, FI Match was primarily thought as a recruitment service dedicated to French companies in R&D & Innovation.
They relayed on FI Group’s expertise in R&D tax release to support companies in their recruitments for scientific and researcher profiles.

Thanks to their experience and the people they met throughout the years, FI Match have set up for themselves one main goal: understand businesses’ requirements  and candidates’ wishes in order to match them successfully.

FI Match position themselves both as:
  • Experts in long-term talent acquisition strategies, thanks to smart recruitment techniques
  • An intermediary offering jobs in the field of R&D & Innovation
  • A player in the pursuit of professional careers within R&D & Innovation, thanks to training programs tailored for tomorrow’s researchers and an extensive network of institutions and companies.

FI Match team

Fabiula Oliveira

Specialist in Commercial Business – Brazil

Fabiula  Oliveira
Robson Ventura

Specialist in Commercial Business – Brazil

Robson Ventura
Karina Ribeiro

Talent Acquisition Consultant – Brazil

Karina  Ribeiro
Alejandro Trigo

Project Management – Brazil

Alejandro Trigo
Vanessa Montagnoli

Project Management – Brazil

Vanessa Montagnoli
Thibault TAIANA

Business Manager – France

Thibault TAIANA
Sylvaine LUGNIER

Talent Acquisition Consultant – France

Sylvaine  LUGNIER

Talent Acquisition Consultant – France


Talent Acquisition Consultant – France

Morgane SIMON

Communication and Schools’ Relationship Manager – France

Morgane SIMON

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