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Since 2019, FI Match position themselves as long-term talent acquisition experts in R&D.

We specialized in the recruitment of R&D & Innovation Executives, Engineers, and Researchers (PhD students, recently graduated Doctors, Doctors) for all industries on a global scale.

Our success is based on a double skillset : expertise in R&D tax release paired with smart recruitment. Not only do we know how to recruit your future talents with relevant acquisition methods, but we also know how to add long-term financial value to their recruitment.

Short recruitment processes (less than twelve weeks), an extensive R&D network, a senior team specialised in the recruitment of scientific profiles, salary/market analysis: all these skills make FI Match a strategic partner in helping you build your future teams.

What our clients say about us

“Experts on sought-after technologies such as Java or Android are difficult to recruit nowadays. Recruitment processes are extended and time-consuming due to the shortage of senior and qualified profiles. Not only getting FI Match’s help allowed us to reach these scarce profiles but it also allowed us to save a precious amount of time. FI Match managed to quickly understand our requirements in order to target only the most appropriate profiles. The meticulous follow-up made it possible for us to have a clear vision on the research progress and the different steps”


R&D Director
“FI Match provided an efficient and professional support in our talent research. Their expertise in recruiting scientific and technical profiles has been proven. Proactive, reactive and pleasant, the consultants are quick at understanding specifications and know all the ins and outs of how to proceed with candidate selection. They do not hesitate to constantly keep us updated on the reality of the market.”

IT & Information System

Financial and HR Director

Our team

After spending 10 incredible years in IBM, where Sylvaine had various roles in Marketing, Sales and Management, she decided to make a shift in her career and progress in Talent Acquisition roles. She successfully built her own business, that was specialized in the recruitment of high-level profiles for multiple sectors on a global scale. Human centered with a strong customer focus, Sylvaine has extensive management experience and is used to leading her teams to outstanding achievements. She is now managing FI Match, and is dedicated to delivering top-notch talent pipelines for clients in the R&D sector.

Sylvaine LUGNIER

FI Match Manager - France
Roberta has been delivering high standard recruitment services for the past 7 years, with a strong background in technology. She understands the stakes and challenges when recruiting technical profiles, and can easily grasp the prerequisites to find the best talent on the market. Half British, half Italian she grew up in France and worked a couple of years in Spain, she can easily attract candidates on an international scale.


Talent Acquisition Consultant - France
She graduated with a Master's degree in Human Resources and Social Law, and spent 5 years of her studies working in an international financial institution in Paris. Afterwards, she worked in a business school as a recruitment officer. She now assists companies in their recruitment needs for Doctors, PhDs and Engineers.


Talent Acquisition Consultant - France
Graduated in Human Resources Management and post-graduated in Strategic People Management. Karina has over 5 years of experience in the Human Resources field. Karina has worked with Recruitment and Selection in Brazil. And currently she is responsible for FI MATCH Brazil, for companies that want to recruit the best talents in the R&D sector.

Karina Robeiro

Talent Acquisition Consultant - Brazil
After studying international trade and gaining experience in the construction industry with major accounts, Thibault turned to the recruitment of scientific profiles. Specialising in BtoB customer relations, he is now one of the entry points for FI Match.

Thibault TAIANA

Business Manager - France

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