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Being an integral part of FI Group, R&D tax release specialist, FI Match enjoys an extended network of more than 13 500 stakeholders in R&D & Innovation on a global level (companies, public and private teaching institutions, research laboratories…).

Thanks to their extended network and a strong track record in recruiting in R&D & Innovation, FI Match has set up for themselves one main target : to help companies and future researchers meet and collaborate successfully.

As a real stakeholder in professional coaching in R&D&I, FI Match offers tailored and suitable support to PhD students, Doctors, and the institutions/associations supporting them, to help them build a fulfilling career.

We offer activities such as:

  • Courses, onsite and online workshops
  • Onsite conference, webinars
  • External professional meetups (after work, breakfasts, evenings of innovation, etc…)

Our participants speak out

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Thanks to this training, I have a better vision of the CV and the importance of my profile on social networks. I also, now, know its impact on recruitment and employment.

Aix- Marseille University

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Very good feedback that allows you to project yourself and easily take on board the possibilities of career questioning in your own career

Aix-Marseille University

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The exchange time following the presentation was very much appreciated. The fact that there were two speakers, with slightly different profiles, established a form of dialogue around the answers, and this was both enjoyable and enriching

Nanterre University

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Now, I know how to spot the essential information in a job description, information that is not always obvious at first glance. The dynamism and the possibility to participate in the presentation are a big plus.

Toulouse University


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