JEI: a status to support young and innovative SME

Initially created in 2004, the Young & Innovative Company status has been created to support the creation of highly qualified jobs.
Every independent SME with less than 8 years of existence, an engaging 15% or more of their expense in R&D can apply for the JEI status.
A Young & Innovative Company can benefit from Corporate Tax & social contribution exoneration.

This status is not automatic, so companies shall either auto-declare themselves, or apply for a formal notice to the Ministry of Research.

Direct benefits of young & innovative company status

The status gives benefits on a tax level:

  • Social contribution exoneration for R&D staff: engineers, technicians, project managers, IP staff)
  • Corporation & other tax exonerations for the first beneficial FY: 100% for the first profit making FY, 50% for the following.

The status is compatible with R&D Tax Credit.

Other benefits

Eligibility criteria are identical for Young & Innovative Companies (JEI) and R&D Tax Credit, so JEI status is a strong R&D indicator to secure your claims.

If the status is obtained through a formal application, the ministry will have reviewed your projects, proving your good faith. However, validating a JEI Status is not a guarantee for the validation of your potential R&D Tax Credit claims.